Blog Post 1: After 6/4

I had a difficult time finding a work to critique at first and was confused as where to start. I finally found a website called which gave me a wide range of options to look from.

I chose to look into After 6/4, which deals with the aftermath of the events in Tiananmen Square Beijing in 1989. The website goes into both sides of the story as to if the events were a riot or a massacre. The story allows you to choose which side you want to pursue or you can look at them both. The way the website interacts with the reader allows the audience to choose how much information they want to know but it still offers them both sides of the story.

This story offers a fair representation of both sides of this event but it is also allows the reader to be the journalist by saying what is important in the piece to a certain extent. It’s important to note that the creator of this was also picking out the important facts to display on the site but maybe not to the best extent where the reader was concerned.

My favorite qualities of this interactive design is that it is very simple and the text is broken up into little sections based on the perspective. I also love the moving quotes that are presented when first choosing a side because they show a historic revelation as to why the creator labelled that side as he had. It is a very simplistic but effective way to showcase this commemoration.


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I am a current Journalism and English major at the University of Missouri. Hopefully I will be able to learn a little about creativity through this blog through photography, writing and maybe a couple other things while I'm at it.

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