Blog Post 1: Polecat

First off, I’m always hesitant to be the first to publish to a class blog, because I’m probably doing it wrong. So if this is incorrect, I’m sorry, and if everyone else follows my lead and is also incorrect, then it looks like I’ve started a new trend.

Alright so for this first week, I floundered a bit trying to find what it is I was supposed to critique. Originally I wanted a “Snowfall”-esque story or site, but other than the ones done by the New York Times, I couldn’t think of any. So I found

Polecat is a company that creates and designs iPhone and iPod apps. While I know we won’t be doing this in class, I thought their website was really fun, so I’m going to critique it. First, I really like the animations on the main page. With each scroll, a new illustration comes up with some simple movement. It adds some whimsy to the page and makes their company seem fun.

On exploring the website more, I really like the whole package in general. The oversized type and large color blocks again add some fun to the page, and though there is a lot going on between descriptions and large headings and many illustrations, the designer adds a lot of white space to keep it from getting overwhelming.

Overall, I love the website’s design, and were I in the market for a new app, I would most likely use this company.


One thought on “Blog Post 1: Polecat

  1. Great! our first blog is here! You’d better have a screen shot of Snow Fall. then follow the questions I posted on blackboard.
    Some things to consider in your critique:
    – what’s the user experience like? (is it easy to navigate? confusing? engaging? disorienting?)
    – how are they combining different kinds of media to tell a story?
    – how can you tell what the topic of the site is?
    – how do the design elements on the site reflect the content?

    Think about it!


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