Blog Post 1: The Way North

The New York Times / The Way North
The New York Times / The Way North

     I am always interested in looking at the interactive storytelling pieces found on The New York Times websites because I think they do a great job of reporting as well as combining interesting graphics that grabs the readers attention. The interactive piece I decided to critique is a piece called “The Way North” that allows immigrants to share their experiences and stories about their travel to the U.S.
     This piece first caught my eye because I am a first generation American so it’s always interesting to see and hear the stories of people that are similar to that of my family. Firstly, I really liked the format of the piece, I was able to see a bunch of miniature photos with a multitude of people ranging in ethnicities and navigate to their story. At the top of the page the most recent stories were highlighted with a photograph and a short blurb to spark the readers interest. Each of the people were asked the same question, “What does it mean to be American?” and when you scroll down you’re able to read a variety of different answers.
     Another aspect that I liked of this site was the short audio pieces that were attached to each of the interviewees. In the corner of each of the stories, there is a small grey circle that with just a click gives the interviewees their opportunity to share their experiences with their own voice.
     I don’t think that there is anything that I would change about the interactive piece because I don’t think it lacks much. the story it is trying to tell and shares the different viewpoints from all walks of life. I think that the use of shades of black, white and grey also help to tell the story, because the only colors that we are met with are the skin tones of each of the subjects interviewed.
     Overall, I really enjoyed the piece and the design is something I’d be very interested in learning more about.



One thought on “Blog Post 1: The Way North

  1. I like this as well. I think the visual aspect of the piece is great with the large photos and the simplicity to it the visuals and text. I also think the content is very interesting, which is why I decided to check out the piece you chose. I also really liked the little audio circle’s you talked about. Very creative and made it much more interesting and informative. However, there are a few things I think they could have done better with this site.

    I think the navigation of this piece could’ve been made more simple. It was a hassle to have to scroll through the site to see exactly who each person was and what they had to say. I think they could’ve made it like a slideshow type navigation. You click ‘start’ or ‘begin’, and it would take you through the people by clicking next or hitting an arrow instead of having to scroll through. I also think they could’ve made the thumbnails at the top of the piece more interactive. They could do this by making it so when the cursor is put over a picture, a description of the person comes up or maybe their quote pops up and the other pictures are darkened around it. I wanted to look at all those thumbnail pictures and know something about them right there, because that’s what would make me interested in hearing what they have to say and how it could be unique. That’s what would make me want to scroll through or slide through and read the rest of the piece.


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