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Homepage of Bloomberg Business had a new look recently. From my point of view, the new design philosophy is fragmentation. Texts and images are cut into small squares. Some news pieces are even highlighted on the homepage by a simple but impressive quote.

Krug suggested that to follow the convention unless designers make sure that the innovation is good. The most unconventional part of the new look is the color. Traditionally, orange is the main basic color of Bloomberg products. But the new website is based on a dazzling bright blue. Colors are used to mark different topics like politics, pursuits, markets, oil and so on. All of the colors are of high saturation, which makes texts look dazzling and striking. Although the new look doesn’t comply with Kruger rule of being conventional, I think the coloration is still successful because the bright colors represents a strong voice that Bloomberg is an audacious and vivid news agency, with firm stands and unique opinions.

Krug also mentioned that readers are easily distracted by motive elements like video advertisements. On this website, dynastic ads are indeed separated from the main page and only displayed in the video page. But a window of Bloomberg live news is fixed at the top of the screen no matter how readers scroll down the page. It’s small enough not to distract attentions but it makes use of the fact that readers tend to see what keeps moving, and it’s a good promotion on their own multimedia news products.

Krug emphasized the important of “text hierarchy”, which refers to the organization of visual elements. I think Bloomberg is unconventional on this point as well. The organization of the website indeed makes me confusing at the beginning. But when I give up looking for a “hierarchy”, I find that it strongly complies with the principle of “intuition”, which means that the design should let readers themselves decide what to look at, and make readers control by themselves. With such fragmentary news pieces, I’m indeed able to pick up the news that attracts me most instead of being guided to a specific column.

In addition, all articles are not allowed to make comments. It’s a good way to minimize noise. I think it’s also very practical that all comments are guided to social media rather than on the website. This action elucidates that this is a news website, where you should read more than speak. The symbol of social media links are available everywhere, and it guides readers to make comments in their own social media platform and discuss news on social media, where there should be discussions.

Overall, I really like this new look. The design of unconventional colors and text organizations is successful because it strengthens the characteristics of Bloomberg news. Essentially, it is intuitive and provides more entries and options to readers.


About Yizhu Wang

A second-year graduate student in Missouri School of Journalism. She studies print/digital journalism with a focus on business reporting. She is interested in utilizing multimedia and technology to strengthen the presentation of news stories. Yizhu is originally from Shanghai, China.

4 thoughts on “Blog post 2: design of

  1. I don’t know what the former Bloomberg’s website looked like, but to be honest, I really don’t like this new look.

    As you said, the most unconventional part of the new look is the color. I think it’s a smart way to use different colors to mark different topics. But the main bright blue is too dazzling. It’s just too eye-catching and it looks weird when it comes together with black.

    Another reason is that the colors with high saturation look cheap and unserious to me. I don’t think it’s suitable for a news website like Bloomberg. Maybe it’s more suitable for a less serious website like those for entertainment.

    Fragmentation is another character for this new design. Texts and images are cut into small squares. I think it follows the new trend of flat design. This makes it more suitable for mobile display and easier for mobile users to use. But the only defect I found is that on the front page, the headline was put onto the picture with a white background, which cuts the picture on the back into an irregular shape. I don’t think it looks good and it affects the completeness of the picture.

    However, I still agree with you about the small window of Bloomberg live news. I think it’s necessary to play both still and motive elements under the precondition that they are not distracting. It shows the multimedia character of a website.

    The above they are just my personal opinions. Even through I don’t like it, I think it still reflects some effective design principles.


    1. I see your points. But just as one of the comments:“I feel like the new is screaming at me but I don’t mind.”
      I think it’s definitely a good thing that Bloomberg challenge “what a modern design should be”, because no matter how controversial it is, readers will read it on account of solid contents.
      It’s really hard to do something impressive. I think this design succeeding in rocking me. Maybe only Bloomberg can do that. It’s a wonderful combination of design and personality of a news media.
      I agree many comments in this blog.


  2. The new design of the Bloomberg website has confirmed a long-time suspicion of mine on the lack of esthetic appreciation of financial journalists. The old Bloomberg website looked quite simple and powerful, young and dynamic. The new one, however, takes a step further, brings it all the way to funky. Thanks to it’s dazzling blue.

    Besides the too bright color that could make your eyes really uncomfortable, I think Bloomberg’s website excels in functionality—Like Evy said in her post, it’s easy to see the “text hierarchy”, “clickablity”. The hidden sub titles are also helpful when scanning the news.

    I also agree that the long page which enables you to scroll down forever is exhausting, like there is never an end. Every section is labeled in different color, and that makes too many colors on one page, and each color very loud. The homepage looks even more noisy because each section’s design is different, which makes it look like there are dozens of different designs on one page.

    I appreciate Bloomberg’s spirit of trying out new things, the company’s never afraid of being bald. However, the website’s new look is kind of too bald, too explosive to me, it might take a while to get used to its design, and I might need a pair of sunglasses to get used to its colors.


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