I chose This is a news site by ESPN that is focused all on Los Angeles sports teams. I think it does a great job creating a clear visual hierarchy on each page. It has the lead story with a big picture or video right in the middle, and a link to the story. It also has the latest headlines in a sidebar directly next to it.

The headline sidebar is easy to find and makes it easy for people to get the information they are most likely looking for. It actually allows you to see all the latest news from one of those specific team buttons by just hovering over one of them.

I also think this site does a great job clearly defining areas, and putting certain things in the right places based off of importance. It’s not even question of which these are clickable and which are not thanks to when your cursor hovers over something,  if it’s clickable, a line will show up under it. Or a picture will have a play button in the middle of it to show that it can be clicked and a video will start.

I also love that if you scroll down on the homepage it will show the next game coming up for each team. This site has a lot of information but I think it does a great job making that information easily accessible and not overwhelming. It provides a great experience for an LA sports fan. Overall, I think this is a great site.


One thought on “BLOG 2:

  1. After going on the site I agree with you on many of the positives of this site. As someone who is not really into sports I was able to easily understand the navigation tabs, the headlines, and the stories which is a major positive for me. I think that it’s a essential for every viewer/reader to be able to understand your content and I think that ESPN LA does a great time at this. I was able to navigate through each page very easily and the scroll down page was extremely helpful when I was looking for additional content.
    Overall, this is a site that I would use again (if need be) because it is simple and easy to use.


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