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Mic is a website focused on news for a generation known as the “millennials.” Not only its content is catered to the taste of young people, the website itself is also designed in an avant-garde style.

My first impression on the site was its simplicity. It doesn’t have many features, but each one is very convenient to use. You would be able to know what the most important story is based on the picture in the up front. Beneath that, are hot stories from different sections. That’s all for the head.

In the body part, the site is divided into two main parts: “Today’s Stories” and “Recommended Stories.” The way the site aligns a story is usually a headline, under that is a general and  short comment on the story, and every story has a feature image. There are not many bars or windows that you can click on or open, but you can get most of the important information just by scrolling down.

Besides its simplicity, there are also some details I like about this website’s design. First, it’s very easy to know what’s clickable. If you move to a section, no matter text or image, if the color changes, that means the section is clickable.

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Second, the site creates a visual hierarchy on each page. Most of it’s spaces are left to stories, and the more important that story is, the higher its position would be. Besides that, all the logos for other functions, such as company’s info, and social media logos are designed very low-key, and they are all hidden in the corner of the page. For example, if you click the bar on the left top corner, it would lead to the seven platforms that are not listed on the homepage.

In addition, I think the website did a very good job in creating visual impacts. It’s story telling relies heavily on pictures, so does the web design. The pictures are in an unified size and quality, and they usually take more space than the headlines, which made it more direct to audience in terms of what these stories are about. And the font of  its text is in a comparatively larger size, which is friendly to reader’s eyes.

I think as a user, my experience when browsing Mic’s website is very pleasant. Here is the link to the website:


4 thoughts on “Blog 2: Mic

  1. I like the home page. Every time when I enter into a new website, I’d be worried about too much information. But this website has a clear structure on the first sight: a centered story, which means a piece strongly recommended, and four featured stories at the bottom. This section is expandable. I can drag to the right and see more, so I won’t lack options.
    When I scroll down, the category is clear. Every article has a tag of contents, like arts, policy etc. These tags comply with the main categories listed on the side bar. I like this setting. I think consistency is quite important to help users know what to look for.
    The consistency is not only applied to contents, but also design. When I open a sub-category, arts, for example, the main view doesn’t change: one center piece and four feature stories. The consistency here is significant in helping users know where to look at.


  2. The design of the Mic website does give me an impression that it’s a media outlet of a new generation. It has more of a tablet style rather than PC style, especially its category page.
    An important element that contributes to its young and energetic style is its fonts. The serif for its headlines has a contemporary taste. The sans serif for its main text is quite humanist. The font choices do distinguish Mic from the traditional news outlets; however, it gives me a feeling that the stories are less credible compared to stories using traditional news fonts such as Times and Georgia.


  3. I love this website, and I definitely agree with you. The website is very simple, clean, and accessible. It’s easy to navigate. However, I’m a little unsure of the way the navigation bar is designed. It’s in a corner button, which, when clicked, opens up to a full page. I like that when you hover over the link for each section, the link changes colors, and then a sidebar shows up with some of the most viewed stories in each section. However, it seems unnecessarily big to me, and I feel like the navigation button is sort of lost on the home page. I think that the navigation bar could take 3/4 of the screen instead of the whole thing. I like the idea of seeing layers on a website, and you could still see part of the home page on the side behind the navigation bar when it pops up.


  4. I do agree that the design is very simplistic but it is also very big. The pieces are over visualized in my opinion where you could have other elements to play off of and divide the page into more subsections rather than just having a list and group of the top five stories in the section. It does show a hierarchy but not a very substantial and informed one. I would rather have a group of smaller elements than just a dump of the latest news to hit the internet.


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