Blog Post 2: E! Online

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     For my second blog post I chose to critique E Online. When you first look at this site its clear to tell that whoever designed this page wanted to emphasize the amount of images that they have on the front page. The use of multiple images on the front page makes it a bit overwhelming but once you start navigating the page you start realizing that the site is not as busy as it seems. For starters one thing that I really enjoyed was the simple black and white background that the site uses. The site makes sure to emphasize images and uses pops of color to distinguish different navigations.
     According to Krug’s five guidelines for capturing a readers attention a site must: Create a clear visual hierarchy on each page, take advantage of conventions, break pages up into clearly defined areas, make it obvious whats clickable, and minimize noise. For the most part this site meets most of the guidelines which in my mind defines it as a effective news site.
     This site focuses on entertainment news and uses a hierarchy at the top of the page to help navigate readers to the exact section they’d like to read more into. These navigation titles include: News, Photos, Videos, TV Scoop, Fabulist, and E Shows. Each of these links will take you to an embedded page that holds links to various news stories that fit within those categories. Another method of hierarchy that the site uses is a bright red banner in which they list the trending topics of the moment. These topics are aggregated from search engines and social media sites and give the reader the latest stories.
     E Online also takes a lot of advantage of conventions. The site uses three columns and a sidebar to help break up the main content and additional stories. They also have a very large amount of ads on the website which is a feature that a lot of sites are using these days. One way that the site breaks away from convention is a huge scrollbar at the top that features how-to videos. This is a feature that you don’t see on many sites so I thought it was something that makes it stand out.
     While it may be confusing for some as it pertains to the set up of the site, I think that it works very well for the content it is highlighting. After all, they are covering entertainment news and they use very new and innovative features on their site to grab the readers attention. This style is much different from other news sites and I think it works in their benefit. I also like that they site is very easy to click around on. I am able to bounce back from page to page, and even be linked to related stories at the bottom which is very convenient.
     All in all I think that E Online paid a lot of attention to both the usability as well as utility and the design of that show clearly show that. The site is very user-friendly and once you get past all of the pictures it becomes very easy to use. I think ultimately it is successful in its design.


One thought on “Blog Post 2: E! Online

  1. I agree with you that E Online is successful in its design. And it is mostly because it takes good use of pictures and it fits the nature of the website very well—Entertainment News, Celebrity News, Celebrity Gossip.
    The site has a clear visual hierarchy on each page, takes advantage of conventions, breaks pages up into clearly defined areas, and makes it obvious whats clickable(it is pretty self-explanatory since 90% of the site features pictures), and also minimize noise — I am surprised that most of the ads on the site is for one product — it in a way decreases noise for the audience.
    One thing I like about the site is under Vides, it puts a lot of videos in certain boxes under different topics and users can navigate to more videos by clicking the left/right or up/down arrows. It think this helps keep the page clean, instead of expanding the page to an extent that the users may get tired.


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