Blog Post 2: Unsung New Yorkers

I chose this piece because of its simplicity. The design is clean and organized while still being alluring to readers for that purpose. This is not an in-depth piece that requires a whole lot of background or information. We can see what we want, or better yet who we want, and go from there. The videos make it much more compact and visually stimulating than just a few pictures or a long text piece could give the audience. It also helps the reader have a brief glance into the actual life of these people without having to use a lot of language or other devices that could lose the readers’ attention.

I especially like the use of pull quotes and the brief descriptions. These elements allow me to get a glimpse at what I could be seeing through the video. It’s a slight teaser which lets me see if I could possibly enjoy seeing this segment of the site.

I think with this design the author catches the reader without being too flowery about his or her approach. It is very straight forward and professional which I think works wonders for the content.


About cshogren

I am a current Journalism and English major at the University of Missouri. Hopefully I will be able to learn a little about creativity through this blog through photography, writing and maybe a couple other things while I'm at it.

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