Blog Post 3:

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 4.47.27 PM
     I stumbled on this wonderfully designed CSS site while looking at some of the winners of CSS Design Awards (an award that I did not know existed until today). This site, Ideama, is an Italian website that I believe is structured towards helping provide people with tools related to: graphic design, advertising, and other print and media services. And if I were to guess on how well they perform in this market, it is clear to see that they know what they’re talking about based on the ingenuity of their website’s design. I was so surprised to see so many of the amazing things on this site that were created through CSS and it spark more interest in me to see how these things were made possible. Never before have I seen a site that has so much interaction with the user, and done so tastefully in a way that does not become jumbled and confusing. While there is a lot to look at, the design of the site sort of guides your eyes to where they think they should go next which is a very helpful tool.
     Upon visiting the site you’re met with a moving banner that has an eye-catching orange color and a flashing image that reads “scroll down”. Once you scroll down you quickly see all of the other amazing moving parts that this site has to offer. Listed are the concept behind the company, the services they provide, as well as images of some of the work the company has done.
     One of the things that I would love to learn from the CSS I saw on this site is how to move and scroll different parts of the website at the same time. Last week during class I know that we learned how to zoom in and enlarge photos that we hover over, and on this site they used a similar concept, but instead with words. This would be a very interesting feature to learn because I think it could help provide some guidance to a user visiting a site. It tells the viewer where the most important information is by giving it movement and enlarging it in size.
     I hope to learn how to add movement and enlarge different parts of my text when a user hovers over it because I think it will be a very beneficial aspect to my site.


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