Blog 4: D Magazine-Frontburner

After having worked with D CEO during the summer, I have a bit of insight into what goes on with the affiliates of D. The company is very upbeat and enthusiastic about their work and products that they produce. That’s why I chose Frontburner for this week’s blog.

Frontrunner is a website, run through wordpress, that shows the short edgy way to give input into today’s news in Dallas. Some of the posts that are featured on the site are lengthy for the home page but the ones that are short and to the point make great quips about the life in Dallas. Everything is very current and what you would want to know about for the upper class citizen living in the area.

The useful thing about Frontburner is that you are able to still easily access the main sites for D magazine as well. It is more of a sister site than having an entirely different domain. I can still see the current issue topics along with what readers think of the site with their most recent comments on the page.

It’s a very clean cut design and easy to access. All the designs are simple and helpful without being overbearing.


About cshogren

I am a current Journalism and English major at the University of Missouri. Hopefully I will be able to learn a little about creativity through this blog through photography, writing and maybe a couple other things while I'm at it.

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