Blog Post 4: Cannes Film Festival by the Hollywood Reporter

The website I chose to critique this week is the special page of the 2014 Cannes Film Festival done by the Hollywood Reporter.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 09.03.09

For a user, this page is easy to navigate. The navigation bar is easy to locate and use. But the only confusing part to me is the “Dailies” section. I didn’t know what it was about at the first glance. Actually it is the archives of the daily printed magazines during the festival. So I think another name will make more sense to users.

Overall, the homepage is not distracting, but it’s not that attractive either. For a film festival, there must be many great photos of those movie stars. They can be a more attractive element there on the homepage. But now, on the homepage, there is no major visual element there. I think it will be better with a photo gallery at a significant position.

The Hollywood Reporters are combing texts, photos and videos to cover the film festival. We can tell this from the navigation bar. But on the page, it’s really hard to distinguish the videos from normal news. Also, I found those social sharing icons under each story really distracting and unnecessary. They are less useful and too many for a homepage.

I think the intended audiences of their coverage are young people who are movie or star fans. Because of that, nearly all the photos on the page are about those stars. It’s right to do so but they didn’t do it well. Those sharing icons are also for young people who often use social media.

The festival is an ongoing event. They used the archives of the daily printed magazines during the festival to handle this point. Also, it used “Latest Cannes News” to demonstrate. I think categorizing the content into different parts might be helpful too.


About Zhou Hang

Graduate student of Missouri School of Journalism. Enterprise reporter for the Columbia Missourian. Interested in movie, music, cycling, tennis and jogging.

One thought on “Blog Post 4: Cannes Film Festival by the Hollywood Reporter

  1. Overall, this page is clear and easy to navigate. I could easily find the content that engages me, and I also agree with you that the “dailies” section is confusing, as I have no idea what it is about at the first glance.

    I understand that the editors use different kinds of media including videos, texts, photos, etc. Yet like you said, the homepage is not attractive enough. The designers only put the photos of celebrities in the sidebar under the advertisements, which fail to attract the readers. It would be better if the photo gallery can be put in the center of the page, adding more visual elements for the website. Besides, the layout of the videos did not distinguish itself from that of the texts, making me confused.

    The color of the website is neat and fresh. However, I think the title’s font makes it hard to read and the size of the abstracts is too small, which makes me feel frustrated. Besides, I appreciate that the designers add icons of social media on the homepage to help the audiences to share their content. But adding those icons under each story on the homepage is distracting and repetitive.

    As the film festival is an ongoing event, the editors named the titles as “latest cannes news” and “latest cannes films” to help the audiences find out the updated content. Besides, they also produce daily reports in the “dailies” archive for the audiences to review and follow up.


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