Blog 4: Mashable’s coverage of Apple Watch Event

The Apple Watch Event on Monday morning is a big deal for people who are interested in technology and Apple products.

Mashable packages a series of stories for the Apple Watch Event and they also have a live blog for the event.

The package appears on Mashable’s homepage as a dominant package across the top of the page. You can click on individual articles to read the stories.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 12.31.31 PM

I think the individual story pages are too noisy. There’re other unrelated stories displaying on the side, and if you scroll down, there will be an infinite stream of other stories. The related stories in the package are listed on top of the article, which I just ignored at first because they appear the same as other unrelated stories and websites usually don’t have related articles on top of a main article. I think the story package doesn’t have a strong structure for readers to navigate and is with too many distractions on the webpages.

Mashable does a great job at combining different kinds of media to tell the story. They have a story on “18 songs that should be used during the Apple Watch unveiling,” which is a fun idea to combine music with a technology event.

I like the live blog idea. I think it’s thoughtful for many readers who are working on Monday morning but still want some fresh and juicy information on the event. Mashable has six reporters twitting the event, three from the event and three from the newsroom. Browsing the tweets, I feel like listening to several friends talking about an interesting event. What’s not so good about the user experience is that the page is loading slow because of the live stream.

They’re adding stories to the package as the event releasing new information on Apple’s new products.


2 thoughts on “Blog 4: Mashable’s coverage of Apple Watch Event

  1. I like Mashable’s package reporting on the Apple Watch Event, especially the page “Apple Watch and MacBook: Everything you need to know.” After the event, they made the page look very simple in text and yet visually powerful. The covered all the highlights of that event, and organized them in a smart way. They have put the “highlight” section in the beginning of the page, and if you scroll down, you can see the details of the event in the order of importance, which means they have a good sense of hierarchy. Second, I think it’s a great idea to change the background picture in different sections: Apple Watch, MacBook,HBO, and Researchkit… even though I have no idea how they did it. The website used a lot different ways to present the event: videos, animations, pictures and texts. But overall, it is very visual-oriented. However, the advertising looks a bit disturbing—it is presented in the same way as the content, but the image is kind of out of place, which makes it look eerie.


  2. By the time I checked Mashable, apple watch is no longer the dominance of its homepage. I wish they had designed a separate page (or I didn’t find it ) for the event so that we will still have a clear layout for everything about the event. Now I can only search for the topic and find a list of unorganized articles. It is really amazing that they have 186 recent stories about it. I live the live blog a lot and you are right about it — Live blog facilitate readers who were not at the event want to get some first hand reports and real sense of the scene. The one report: Everything you need to know about the new MacBook and Watch is pretty good in that the content is very visual and has a lot of variety, but it is also simple and clean, which matches the style of Apple products. The reportage also is a good combination of pictures, texts and video. It is really helpful and easy for Apple and Tech fan to get those information from Mashable. It is no wonder that almost every single article about the event receives at least 1,000 shares.


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