Blog 4: Moviefone’s coverage of the 2015 Oscsars is website primarily used to find movie times near you and movie reviews. I was surprised to find out that they had a page dedicated to coverage of the Academy Awards.


I think the best part about this site is how they handled it as an ongoing story rather than just a single episode. They are still publishing content on this page related to the Academy Awards weeks after the show. That’s impressive.

As far as the design of the site – I browsed through the site on my iPad, so maybe it is different on a laptop or desktop, but I thought it was extremely simple. I feel like I could’ve made this site with the current coding skills we’ve learned in this class. It has a slideshow at the top with what I’m guessing is the most recent stories, a horizontal list of nominated films that you can scroll through/click and find out more info, and then as you scroll down there are more stories vertically listed in chronological order with pictures and a headline. I think they laid this content in a way that’s not overwhelming. That’s impressive, because usually sites with so much information on one page is too much to handle for the eye and confusing. This site is not like that.

I don’t like how the side bar at the top of the page has nothing to do with the Oscars. It is just a list of the most popular articles on, if anything I think they should have it at the bottom of the page because it is not related to this content. Under that sidebar section there is another section that is related to the Oscars. It has thumbnails and titles of interesting photo galleries. That should have been at the top of the sidebar sections. I also thought they should’ve made it a different color besides grey. I think these photo galleries are cool, but the grey and white color makes someone viewing this site think it is not important informaton, it doesn’t draw the eye.

Combining multimedia – They combine text, photos and video. Very simple.


One thought on “Blog 4: Moviefone’s coverage of the 2015 Oscsars

  1. I agree that there are some distracting elements on this page irrelevant to Oscar, while Oscar is the main topic of this page. Besides the rotating image you mentioned, I also think the advertisement next to the featured picture is too distracting. I can understand that they have to consider the income to support the website, but from the aspect of design, it’s not a smart position. Basically, at the first sight like the screenshot here, readers can hardly find some contents about Oscar except the golden title.
    The open ending is good. Latest news are accessible when readers scroll down the page. But the position of the articles made the page less substantial. At the top, the right side of the page is filled with Most Popular Posts, but the right column is short. Two thirds of the page is blank when scrolling down. I think there can be two columns when Most Popular Posts ends, or to make the texts longer.
    In general, the style of this page is consistent with the website’s style. The hierarchy is clear and neat.


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