Blog 4: Sundance coverage by the L.A. Times

I decided to critique the coverage of the 2015 Sundance Film Festival found on the L.A. Times site. (

Overall I think the user experience in the site was really good. It had a lot of content presented in a lot of different ways, and was still easy to navigate. The package contained some stand-alone photo galleries and some video interviews along with regular articles. Additionally, some articles had photo galleries tucked into them as well, which made the site more visual and interactive, which was nice. I also liked how on the right side, the site presented a “Related” section. It presented stories that were also related to the Sundance Film Festival, and I think this is a good touch to keep the reader engaged in the site.

I feel like based on all the different articles the site presents, they are aiming at a wide audience. Overall, the audience would be people who are interested in the Sundance Film Festival. But from there, it gets narrower depending on what article the user decides to read. One headline I found was “Hockey tradition at Sundance fest is the reel deal.” This would definitely appeal to a sports fan as well as a film fan. The L.A. Times photo booth photo gallery might catch the attention of someone looking for a laugh.

Even though the Sundance Film Festival is already over, I think the L.A. Times handled the on-going nature of the festival well based on how they organized the site. It starts out with “Festival Highlights.” This holds all the stories that were popular or important during the festival. While it was occurring, this might have been where they put the brand new content, to distinguish it from the older stories. Down below the user will find smaller headlines of stories that must be older, or not as popular.


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