Blog Post 4: True/False Film Festival via Vox Magazine

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 9.21.12 AM
     It simply makes sense to cover True/False Film Festival being that it’s such a big deal in the city of Columbia and just occurred this past weekend. As a viewers guide to the festival and all it’s attractions, many local newspapers and magazines covered the festival, keeping their readers updated on the entire weekend. One magazine that struck my attention and I believe did a great job of covering True/False was Vox Magazine.
     Vox Magazine is a news and culture magazine that not only focuses on local events but also covers popular culture items. I decided to critique this site because I thought that their coverage of True/False gave a more in-depth look than any other news source provided. Vox is a very easy to navigate site that provides a clear and concise navigation bar and a very-well organized layout. Not only does the site have a section for every type of story they cover, it also has a search bar that is very clear to see on the page just in case you can’t find what you’re looking for.
     The piece that the news organization did on the Humans of True/False really struck my attention because instead of simply just focusing on the films and all the fun attractions, they chose to focus on the people who travel to the fest yearly and to watch these films and make the entire festival possible. I think that this piece was so interesting in the way that it took a new take on the coverage of the festival rather than providing readers with the content they usual expect to receive.
     The site did a great job of combining different platforms to tell the story as well. Using Instagram images that their staffers took throughout the day, as well as text blurbs and Facebook posts they were able to combine each of these aspects into a very effective news story. I think that this is definitely a piece that was intended for the average True/False audience but I think that even if someone had never been to the fest I think they’d be able to have a good understanding about what the fest is about and the atmosphere to expect.


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