Blog Post 4: Coverage of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict by Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera does a lot of in-depth special coverage on series stories, including Ebola outbreak, Marijuana in America, Ukraine crisis and so on. Among them, I especially like the one about Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. It is a good presentation of ongoing coverage that combines news, analysis, opinion and video on the latest in war and peace between Israel and Hamas.

Like all the other special coverage done by Al Jazeera, this piece can be found under news-special coverage on the navigation bar on top of the website. Once clicked in, there is the headline under the navigation bar. Right under that is three featured stories, which are often some most intriguing informative around the issue. Then there are other reportage listed in the following spaces, each has a tag to show its categories: either it is international news or U.S news or culture story. On the very right part of the page, there are other additional resources, such as video, infographics, and photo gallery. All in all, the page is clean and pretty self-explanatory.

Reporters of Al Jazeera also did a good job of combining different techniques of multimedia on reporting the issue. On top of text stories, they effectively used a infographic to show a chronology of disproportionate attacks on Gaza, which includes a timeline of the ongoing Israeli military operation in Gaza, quotes from politicians, compensation and cumulative death of both Israelis and Palestinians. In one of the features story Who owns Jerusalem?, maps are used to tell the history.

The intended audience for this story is people who care about or are interested in the conflict between Israel and Pakistan, but from the choices of features stories, we can see that the coverage intends more to educate people who are not familiar with the issue.

The fact that this coverage in under special coverage tells readers that it is an ongoing story. Every big story has its own page, and for those kind of stories, Al Jazeera uses the same template and arrangement of sections for every special pieces, where latest or features stories about the issue can be found most easily, and then the readers can go on and read the rest of the story. The site can always post new stories to add to the existed page. Any visitor can leave the page with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the issue.



One thought on “Blog Post 4: Coverage of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict by Al Jazeera

  1. I think this is a good special report done by the Al Jazeera. The overall page layout is clean and well organized. It’s easy to navigate and use. I also find the tags under the headline of each story especially helpful. They can help users take a quick look at the topics mentioned in that story to make a choice.
    The only problem I have about this page is that the right side bar is a little bit confusing. I don’t know whether they are other news contents or still about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. So, I think the content can be more consistent with each other to indicate that. Another problem is that, to show that it is an ongoing story, the date of those stories should be told. Without that information, it’s hard for readers to understand and locate.
    But I think it’s still a very good news package with texts, photos, videos and infographics. It provides a better experience for users.


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