Blog 5: Pi’s Epic Journey

The Life of Pi jorney site is about the movie Life of Pi. It shows behind the scene materials in frame-by-frame animation as readers scroll. The way this website uses to achieve the breath-taking visual effects is just over 100 images with heavy Javascript and CSS3 work.

On top of the website is a big intro picture with arrows pointing down to navigate readers to scroll down. Even though scroll-down interactive website is pretty common now, I still find this one outstanding because it makes it extremely easy for the readers to enjoy the contents — all they have to do is scrolling down and down. The frame-by-frame animation is engaging and each part of the website works seamlessly. It also combines videos and infographics so that readers won’t get bored.

The intended audience of this website seems to be people who like the movie and those who are interested in the production of the movie’s spectacular scenes. But I believe even those who haven’t watched the movie will be amazed after taking a look just because the way it uses to present the before and after effects of the movie scenes. This website really has taken parallax scrolling and frame-by-frame animation to another level.

The website uses less than 10 frames of pictures to show the process of virtually cloning a tiger from a bull dog.
The website uses less than 10 frames of pictures to show the process of virtually cloning a tiger from a bull dog.

I think I can borrow the way this website presents its content because it’s not very complicated but something I understand and can imagine doing later this semester as we learn more languages. Such as Frame-by-frame animation and the scroll-down technique. The color of this site is amazing as it basically uses images from the movie. I probably will try to use pictures as background next time. This site is not heavy on texts. But the typo choice is good. The characters are big enough to be seen and set the atmosphere of each section well.


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