Blog Post 5: ACO – Three Faces of Moist

The website I chose this week is the Three Faces of Moist presented by ACO.

This website is really engaging and interactive, even through it’s not a news site.

The homepage has background music and a gif background. This makes the site attractive and interesting. After you click start, it will ask you to allow the use of your camera. The website will use the camera to locate you eyes.


Then you can start the experience by blinking twice. A video will be played automatically on the site. I found this user experience really special. It’s definitely a kind of interaction. You can also choose to press “B” to interact.

ACO presents MOISTURE (1)

After this video, you can read more about this product. So, generally it combined photo, video, audio and text to introduce the product. It’s easy to navigate.

The general layout of this site is neat and clean. With grey colors and the serif typo, it creates a sense of modern and elegant. I think its aimed audiences are those modern women cared about their life quality.

For my next assignment, I think I can borrow the way this website presents its content. By using background music, moving image and interaction to engage the audiences.


About Zhou Hang

Graduate student of Missouri School of Journalism. Enterprise reporter for the Columbia Missourian. Interested in movie, music, cycling, tennis and jogging.

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