Blog Post 5: Bienville Capital Management

I chose this website not for the content, but for the presentation of that content. Bienville Capital Management is an investment firm, but their site is very clean and simple. Even though it is not a news site, I could see an interactive storytelling site use a design similar to this.


Their landing page has a cool gif background with a simple headline. It’s very clean, yet engaging and interesting to the user. But their lies a problem I think in the website. Navigation didn’t seem obvious to me at first. I felt like I was suppose to scroll or use the arrow keys in order to get to the next page. Actually, you have to click on the sidebar to left, which reveals the navigation. I wish their navigation was more obvious, so that is something I would work on.

Once you actually find the navigation, it is very easy to go back and forth between pages. Their are only four pages, so they are very brief. If the audience is still interested and needs more information, then they can contact them very easily. I think that is their goal, to peak the interest of the audience, and then get them engaged.

I like how on most of their pages they used a background image instead of just a plain background. The image isn’t overwhelming nor does it take away from the text, which is important for readability.


I do wish they would use more color either with typography or other elements. Some teal was used for accent colors, but I think they could use more color to liven up the site. The typography for this site makes sense, which big bold words to attract your attention. The sans-serif type continues the sleek and simple look of the whole site.


One thought on “Blog Post 5: Bienville Capital Management

  1. I think this website is really interesting because I saw your thumbnail of the site and immediately liked it before realizing that it’s a website for an investment firm. I thought that it would be a site for a creative agency or something of that sort. I like the site because it’s simple and clean, and I think it also defies expectations of what an investment firm is supposed to look like. The home page is my favorite part of the website because of the moving image with text on top of it. It almost makes the viewer think the investment firm is cool and hip, and people who are young might be more drawn to reaching out to the firm because of that trust. But it could also go the other way, in that all the sans serif doesn’t look the way an investment firm should look. People might not trust doing business with the firm because of that.


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