Blog Post 5: Narni

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Narni is an Iranian site that specializes is pomegranate juice. The site is ran by The Green Farm Agro Industries Cooperative, and it specializes in making juice that is 100% organic, providing customers with safe and healing properties. Most of the products are grown in Iran but are available to be shipped to other countries.

As soon as you enter the site it’s clear to see what product they are selling as well as their objective. This site is a bright red color, similar to the color of pomegranate seeds, and uses and interactive image of pomegranate to highlight the fruit that they use in all of their products. Not only is is extremely easy to use, simply just scroll down or hover over an image and information is given to you, but it is also the perfect balance of attention grabbing, but still manages to keep its simplicity.

The company does a great job of highlighting it’s product through the combination of various mediums. Not only are their images of the product but their are also videos and javascript used on the site. This helps to direct the eye to where the site wants them to go, ensuring that they have a clear and concise idea of where all of the information is placed.

If I were to choose the intended audience for the site, it would definitely be someone who is really into natural and organic products, specializing in products that benefit the body. This site would be for someone who maybe owns a store like Whole Foods, or Trader Joe’s and is interested in buying the product for wholesale in their store. While I’m quite sure that it’s possible that a person could go on the site and buy just one bottle of Narni, I would assume that most of their items would be sold in bulk. This site does a great job at attracting the attention of natural food sellers, giving them some background information about their site, giving them the opportunity to see what the bottle looks like, stating where they ship, listing health benefits as well as providing contact information if they were interested in getting the product shipped.

One thing I’d like to borrow from this site is definitely their balance of attention grabbing colors but still managing to make the site hold some simplicity. The site used only two colors for their color scheme which is definitely a tool that I intend on adopting. The site is so easy to use, providing simply the options of hovering and scrolling down making it much for of a fluid option for the viewers. I think that a simple color scheme along with a combination of mediums, and a simple method of navigating around the site can help to have a very beneficially out come of my website.


One thought on “Blog Post 5: Narni

  1. The website is so vibrant and dynamic. It uses the circle element in creative ways. The use of red color is bold but not intimidating. The navigation bar puts an emphasis on the products, which is a nice content-driven design for a product website.


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