Blog 5: World Wildlife Foundation

This site from the World Wildlife Foundation provides a really good basis for brainstorming a site of my own. I think it’s really telling that even though this site is in French, it is easy for me to tell what to do based on the design. The user experience is great.

One of my favorite elements is the use of “point”. When the user hovers over the first image of the tiger, after getting past the intro, there are directions as to what to do. It is clear in the point that says “more” that to find more information about tigers. The user also gets the direction to “drag” the photos to see more- the next one is a flamingo with another year over it. This makes it clear the site is formatted like a timeline. This is also a really good way of connecting (mostly) unrelated or ongoing topics, something I could incorporate into my own site.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 11.05.01 PM

When the user mouses down the page, a more typical timeline pops up. This timeline has points all over it that you can hover over to get more information. The point saying “drag” is also still there to clue the user in, just in case there is any confusion. I think this could be a cool way to do a footer or toolbar on a site, to have it pop up when the user hovers over it.

I also really like that instead of having the page scroll vertically, it scrolls horizontally to emphasize the timeline nature of the design.

The site is overall really minimalistic and only uses a few colors and types. I think this creates a good sense of unity. I like that all the little details they put into the site add up to make it well designed.


3 thoughts on “Blog 5: World Wildlife Foundation

  1. I do like this page and I think it utilizes some really cool features, but personally I found it a little difficult to use. Like you said, they made it obvious that it’s a timeline with the points acting as entry points for more information. I think the colors and the photos and the layout are great. But I still had trouble controlling where I wanted to go when I went to the timeline at the bottom. All of the moving parts made it difficult for me to navigate because things would pop up and scroll when I didn’t want it to. That’s just me and perhaps after further use I could control it better, but I think in this case it maybe has too many moving parts.


  2. I agree with you that this website is well-designed and the user experience is wonderful. As the design features visual elements, even though it is in French, I still can understand the content and easily navigate the website.

    I also like the “point” design of the timeline. The colors and the layout of the points are clean and neat. It is also worth to mention the design of the photos. When you hover over the photo, the year will show up and the photos will turn to be animated gifs. This design offers the readers a more visual using experience and may surprise the readers.

    Besides, the icon designs are creative and easy-to-understand. The designers also make the icons round, so that they can be in accordance with the “point” design. This detail also units the whole website and limits the noise, as the previous design principles suggest.

    I also agree with you that it would be better if the designer can add a toolbar on a site. And I also think that the website is too sensitive. From time to time, when I slightly scrolled down to see the whole photo, the website jumped to the timeline. This made me feel a little bit frustrated.


  3. I agree that this site is really minimalistic overall, and the very few elements it uses creates a sense of unity. The website is not only visual focused, but also relies heavily on videos.

    The video used in intro is absolutely fascinating. The color, the sound, and the slow motion that makes everything more intense…all add up to make the intro powerful.
    I also like that the timeline is horizontal, I think it gives a better sense of the lapse of time. Also, every picture that represents a category of animal, actually is a short video. When you hover over the picture, it will move, and the animal looks really vivid. When you click a dot under the pictures, it will take you to the timezone that relates to the pictures. And the navigation on the left side is vertical, the icons are carefully designed to represent each category, which is another detail that adds up to the visuality of this website.

    However, like Jason said, I have some trouble using the website, especially with its videos. When I opened it for the first time, the intro video stagnated and was buffering. I also had the same problem when hovering on the individual clip. Then my browser crashed……So I guess in order to have a better user experience, you have to have a more speedy internet, or a better browser to keep up with such a big volume of visuals and videos.


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