Blog 5: The Hart Island Project

The Hart Island Project works on engaging the public to provide information for unclaimed and unidentified burials on Hart Island, New York City.

The website is easy to navigate with a sticky navigation bar at the top and a clear footer.

I really like the Traveling Cloud Museum page. By scrolling down, you’ll see all the names of people buried on the Hart Island, each with a timer showing how long they’ve been buried there without being identified. If a story is submitted for the person, the clock will stop and the person’s name will be lighten up. I think this interactive design shows the value of the project, the respect for every individual and helping the lost stories to be found.

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 11.21.37 PMTheir intended audience are New Yorkers and nationwide audience. Everyone can register and submit a story that may be published on the website.

I really like the website’s color palette, simply black and light yellow, solemn and not gloomed. I’m not so sure about the rounded sans serif choice. It seems a bit playful.


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