Blog 6: Little Known Secrets

Knowing the web designer behind this production, I thought it was a great opportunity to further demonstrate the work behind this awesome site that was created by someone who has already been in this class. I remember as she originally thought of the design and its rapid transformation that she took it through to this product.

I really like how subtle the hover transitions are with the JavaScript included in the design. Only seeing the hover text and especially the color change would be way too much to compete with against the photos so it’s very enhancing to see the black backgrounds behind the text to enhance the text.

One thing I wish had happened was more consistent use of the gifs throughout the piece. It helps draw me into the placement of them throughout the site and makes me want to click on them more compared to the still images.

I also like the element of sticking the navigation bar too. It helps remind me of the various aspects that I can look through on the site without overwhelming me with everything that is available to me.


About cshogren

I am a current Journalism and English major at the University of Missouri. Hopefully I will be able to learn a little about creativity through this blog through photography, writing and maybe a couple other things while I'm at it.

2 thoughts on “Blog 6: Little Known Secrets

  1. This site is so well-designed and smart. It looks complicated but when think about it, it’s not that hard because it is all about repetition. I agree with you that the sticky navigation bar is good and user-friendly, and it is encouraging to think that this is something we’ve learned in the class today. The hover transition is cute but I wish the text could show up a little bit faster since I am short tempered. Another thing I noticed is that the site uses a same pictures for maybe five to six times, which is a little redundant. But other than that, I think it is a great example to learn from.


  2. I can agree with you completely. This site is one that I really enjoyed taking a look at especially after hearing the news that this person was in our class before. It shows me that all of the tools we’ve been learning over the past few weeks can be used to create a project like this and that’s so exciting to me. I really enjoyed going to her site and hovering over images and seeing all of the image transitions that the designer used. I also enjoyed how user friendly of a site this was. This site makes itself very simple for a viewer to use and find specific information which I truly enjoy. I also enjoy the top navigation bar and how it directs you to specific sections throughout the static front page. Overall, I think this was a great use of Javascript and JQuery and would only hope that my final project turns out to be just as well executed as this site.


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