Blog Post Six: CrimeTimeline (Javascript & JQuery)

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 2.13.11 PM
     One website that features great Javascript work is
CrimeTimeline is a great website that tracks where crime has occurred by simply searching a street, address, or specific location. This website uses public APIs to pull in data that occurs in Britain. Using this mapping device this website shows you exactly where a crime occurred giving a very detailed description of the event that occurred there. This site is one that I found very interesting because its extremely interactive and very easy to use.
      This site uses Javascript and Jquery plug-ins to generate a data slider that is featured at the bottom of the page as well as manage the Ajax calls. This site also uses JavaScript to detects user interaction. One thing that I really enjoyed about this site is how much of an emphasis they put on collecting data and ensuring that it is all current and up to date. This feature shows that the use of JavaScript and JQuery help to highlight where crime occurs using moving images of maps to detect the location. I think that they did an excellent job at providing a way to truly highlight how important the use of JavaScript and JQuery can be to a website. If this site did not use these features it would be a simple website that did not show much of an interesting view of the crime sites. However, with the use of these plug-ins the site is more visually appealing and creates a way for viewers to see high crime areas and provides more clickability. Another feature that I also enjoy is that at the bottom the JQuery plug-in aggregates all of the crimes that occurred within a specific month and allows viewers to go back and click and review that information. Overall, this is a website that does a great job at presenting many of the features and tools that using JQuery and JavaScript can provide.


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